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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pleadge of Integrity

Pledge of Integrity

There is a sense of change coming, yet it is not the change that many thought would come about. No, this change is the ground swell for holding politicians accountable for their actions. Forget their words; it is their actions that need to be focused upon. I offer a simple challenge to all: pledge to not vote for any politician who believes and votes to raise taxes and increase spending. Also refuse to vote for any politician who doesn’t back term limits. Make these two actions the litmus test for election. Now this means forget party lines period! This means any leaders from any party who decide that spending money we don’t have by arbitrary printing of more money and carrying use deficit balances into the future is totally unacceptable and make this known by our refusal to send them to Washington.

The time has clearly come to STOP career politicians in their tracks. Term limits would assure the end to career politicians. No more 20 year Senators or Congressional leaders. New and fresh ideas need to come from fresh leaders who are held totally accountable for serving the needs and desires of their constituencies! Gone should be the days of power hungry committee chairmen who simply disregard the leadership from new representatives.

Our so-called leaders have become drunk with Power and are regularly abusing this power to line their own pockets and propel their own ideologies. If a third party is what it takes to stop this abuse, so be it. Our great nation is a society of mostly moderate believing people. A population of people who believe in the sanctity of human rights, the freedom of entrepreneurial spirit, the common good for all who want to create a better life for their families, their employees, their friends and associates. The vast majority who believes that we are the strongest nation on the planet and that has come from a doctrine of faith and belief in something more than our own self-interests. Those who pledge to first do no harm, yet also make sure that there are incentives for doing the best one can and striving to achieve the best possible solution in all endeavors. The majority of who believe that our government is a platform to serve the desires of the people, with mandates set out by the people. Not a government that seeks to control people and mandate to people what they should be doing with their families, businesses and many other personal agendas. We are a people who believe in the sanctity of laws which are enacted and enforced for the welfare of the society, not to functionally control the society but simply enable the society to seek the fundamental liberties and rights provided by a declaration of independence that has served this nation proudly for well over 200 years.

Can we have these fundamental rights once again, you bet we can, yet it takes personal and group sacrifice. It will take being a strong voice in light of opposition. It will take a commitment to hold leadership accountable at all times, not simply some of the time. It will also call upon everyone to be involved, at least to the level of understanding what is happening. A sense of awareness, not simply believing everything you read or hear. Hold information to a high standard of reasonableness.

Each and every individual has the opportunity and social responsibility of becoming an authority on their local issues and also becoming aware of what is happening nationally and how it impacts all individuals. This is the civic duty of citizenship. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and let the loudest take control of our personal and daily lives. It is time to stand up and use the power of one. Be counted in all things and be active enough to make a difference everyday.

I fear that if people do not take this great opportunity and simply sit back we will sadly measure our loss in many different facets. Most of those will be the loss of civil liberties and being subjected to a runaway government that has taken the abuse of power to be the norm. Pledge today to make a difference and keep your leaders in total accountability to you and the needs of your family, friends, business etc…..