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Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Magic Silver Bullets!

Magic bullets and other Potions

Continuing on our search for the magic silver bullet please see the copy below. The average consumer has no real exposure to the manipulations in marketing and sales. The proof of this is that the average sales person doesn’t even recognize these manipulations, as is proved below. The copy you see below is targeted to Insurance professionals. Imagine how exposed the average consumer is when many so called sales professionals can be victimized by this type of marketing manipulation.

The human nature trigger to all these manipulations is greed. The process is simple, everybody fears poverty. As Napoleon Hill referenced there are 6 basic fears that everyone experiences. The one that leads to scarcity driven behavior is always the fear of poverty. The fear of loss is founded within this fear of poverty. What happens is that you begin to see the world in terms of scarcity as opposed to abundance. The law of supply and demand begins to shrink the world around you and slowly you begin to believe that there is not enough to go around and certainly not enough prospects in the market place for one to make a living. This is simply not true and never will be true. The truth is we live in a world filled with abundance and it is equally available to everyone. There is no need for a magic silver bullet to begin with. We all have free and clear our own magic silver bullet and it is between our ears. Your mind is the corridor to your successful ventures in life. Everything you need is right in front of you and can be tapped into FREE of charge. Now does that mean that people shouldn't trade goods, services, information? Of course not! There will always be need for good and meaningful information, solutions to specific needs that people have during their lifetimes. A society thrives upon the good will and commerce it creates among its people.

What is not necessary is predator behavior and manipulative fear, greed driven practices. These types of practices will unfortunately always exist. The trick is to recognize it when you see it. You do not have to experience it to recognize it. You simply need the awareness of it, and when you see it you will know it! I am not the judge and arbiter of good and bad. I do however have knowledge and experience in the world of sales and marketing manipulation. Your financial health and well being is too important an aspect of your life to be victimized by predators and incompetents. If you are a sales professional it is even more important that you recognize and refuse to play this type of game. Integrity is the foundation of creating meaningful relationships that are based upon trust. In the end all you and I will ever have are the relationships we form over our lifetime. If we value those relationships and protect them we will be able to maintain an attitude of abundance and therefore create the very abundance we seek. All the while we will also create abundance for those relationships surrounding us. Please see below:

**We weren't sure that we should even have this free telephone seminar because of the controversy surrounding the topic. You see, there is an underground selling technique that is so powerful that, if used improperly, can be used to influence someone against their will. Traditional sales trainers don't teach it because most of them are unaware that it exists.
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The above message is filled with an attitude of scarcity. Start with the phrase “compel prospects to agree with you and say “yes” (PS How exactly is this any different from the high pressure, low self-esteem sales methods that the author seems to condemn?) I especially love the hypnotic trance line. For those who really have knowledge of the sub-conscious and the hypnotic state you already know that anyone in such a state cannot be compelled to do anything they wouldn’t do in their primary consciousness. The EXPLODE your commissions and having a huge advantage over the competition are simple sales motivators to get you in the sales process. This is the regular sales copy that has been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth and it continues on because it WORKS! It works because people want to believe it will work. $500-$2000 later you will simply be $500-2000 poorer. Scarcity always does this. There are meaningful self-development programs that rightfully require your personal investment in yourself. Magic silver bullet marketing plans are simply not one of these meaningful personal investments. Invest in yourself and your own human development, in this way you can deliver value to others and create the abundance that guarantees your success.

**Actual email solicitation received by licensed insurance agent