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Monday, April 20, 2009

Brother Love and the Insurance potion!

Brother Love’s traveling Salvation Show
(The Life Insurance Version)

*And now, for the first time ever on the planet, this amazing system is available for use; completely systemized, and ready to sell monster amounts of life insurance almost automatically for a few select life insurance agents.
This system is unlike any other ever created in that it has the ability to create large sales forces of enthusiastic clients that will eagerly and consistently give you referrals, encouraging their friends and family who qualify to seek you out and ask you to sell them life insurance.
No one else in our industry knows how to do this or knows that this system even exists.
This IS NOT fantasy.
It is reality. I've created the ultimate "easy button" for life insurance agents.
No more begging for business.
No more multiple closes.
No more attorneys or accountants killing deals.
No more tough and ugly prospecting. Instead, you will have eager, interested prospective clients calling you, asking you to complete a life insurance application for them.
ATTENTION: Discounting what I'm about to tell you could be one of the costliest mistakes of your financial services career. Before you finish this letter, you'll know beyond any doubt that what I'm saying is true and can instantly transform the way you do business, allowing you to quickly and easily reach the ranks of Millionaire Advisor at ZERO risk to you.
I'm allowing a limited number of advisors in your area to preview and license this system, and because this system is so powerful and so easy to use, the results are fully guaranteed. (Qualifying life insurance agents and advisors can license this system at no net cost to them. Complete details of this unmatched guarantee are covered completely at a free preview and business building seminar. You'll receive $2,308.95 in free gifts just for attending.)

*Taken directly from email solicitation.

I have maintained my registrations and licenses in the Financial Services industry, but that has been to become an advocate to clients not an advisor, agent or representative. As an advocate I seek the best interests of those I serve. (in so doing I have foregone selling product) it is about protecting clients from predators and incompetents in the Financial Services industry. Above please see what has happened to a once proud and meaningful industry. The entire Life Insurance industry is at risk due to gimmicks and tricks like the above fore mentioned. (above is direct copy from an organization selling a silver bullet marketing program to licensed agents and registered reps) ( I will expose what the silver bullet is in the coming posts, beware of the "Your Hidden Asset " phrase from an insurance agent) The industry has no one but themselves to blame. I research over 14 industry periodicals monthly and can tell you that these so called educational and industry promoting publications are all guilty of taking advertising revenues from predators who offer so called silver bullet marketing gimmicks to unsuspecting agents. There is more money being made selling useless information then there is in actually serving the needs of clients. If there was room here I would post for you the postcard this organization uses to lure agents into their game. Needless to say it is done with the allure of sex. Imagine in a professional field such as impacting people’s FINANCIAL well being, we have to be subjected to the same kind of marketing that was once used in Times Square to promote peep show palaces. Not exactly what I would call professional. Of course as you are not licensed or in the industry it has no concern for you, right? Wrong, over the coming days I will be writing a series on annuities, life insurance and other very important financial tools that you need to be aware of. In this series I will expose the realities and truths of these important vehicles and I will also expose the myths and sales manipulations you must avoid. (MOST IMPORTANTLY I WILL NOT BE SELLING YOU ANY PRODUCTS!) That is why I gave you a simple display of what agents in the industry are being taught. Of course you must believe that insurance companies and the industry as a whole doesn’t educate their agents this way, unfortunately as they take the advertising revenues and allow this to be pitched to the agents, they are culpable in this gimmick driven environment. Let me say right up front that all of this is TOTALLY legal and allowable, now as to whether it is moral and ethical is a totally debatable issue. I want to educate you on the importance and the realities of these financial tools and help insulate you and inoculate you against the manipulative techniques and myth pitches out there. Send you family, friends and associates to this blog so they can get the real scoop on financial services.