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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Brillance Of BIG Government!

BIG Government at Work

In this image taken with a cell phone by Jason McLane, the primary presidential aircraft, a Boeing 747 known as Air Force One when the president is aboard, flies low over New York Harbor, followed by an F-16 chase plane during a federal government photo op Monday, April 27, 2009. (AP)

I'm sorry to interrupt our series on Financial tools to bring this bulletin in incredible stupidity!

Apparently the Obama administration felt that photo ops could double as terrorist fire drills. They certainly were able to see how quickly buildings in NYC could be evacuated. From a sheer terror perspective this event probably could hit a solid 6 on the Richter scale. Did they really believe that a Low flying Boeing jet (AF one!) followed by a Fighter plane might not cause some concern for witnesses? Even if this would have been appropriately announced it is at best in bad taste. The reason it wasn’t fully announced is clearly no one in NYC would have granted the permission for this gigantic act of stupidity. Of all places to take a low flying plane, one would assume lower Manhattan would be off limits. Surely, a small amount of common sense would have suggested not to recreate something like this. While our incredibly ignorant leadership has debated torture, they go and do something like this which is in a sense torturous. It tortures common sensibility, and it causes undue duress on many who lived through a frightfully shocking event like 9/11. Now many of those very survivors are subjected to a PHOTO OP that basically recreates the event. Apologies on this are not even a remote reconciliation for such incredible stupidity. This one requires financial remuneration. Those who were victimized by this stupidity should ask the Government for financial recourse. Hs anyone considered the potential for injury, panic and even death as people raced around trying to evacuate buildings? If one person would have died from this incredible stupidity the entire Federal Government would have to be accountable. The lack of thought behind this is a real concern. What group of idiots could have possibly sat around a table and came up with the idea to do a low fly by in LOWER MANHATTAN! How could anyone possibly have a high level government position of leadership and be highly compensated to come up with ignorance like this? No apologies, terminations are in order, anyone who sat in the meetings and somehow thought this was a viable idea needs to be FIRED immediately. All of us need to question what kind of fools we are putting in positions of power. I can’t think of any CEO or business leader who would have thought this type of stunt to be acceptable. Even the most greed driven sociopaths would have backed off a stupid idea like this. As much as you say you have seen it all, believe me you haven’t, and I can’t even imagine what kind of stupidity is next.