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Friday, April 3, 2009

As the World Turns

Nothing like a real life soap opera. Obama spends more time on tour then most Rock groups. How many Presidents have had this much media? How many have spent more time on Letterman and Leno then they do in the White House. For well over 200 years America has maintained its sovereignty and the Obama administration is working hard to give it all up in his first 100 days. Between tanking the economy so the government can become the biggest business in the US, and now bowing to Europe as to become subservient to European control. I can't imagine a worst scenario. Yet I have lived long enough to know that there is nothing as strong as the American spirit and this country is and always will be a moderate majority. The radical right and the radical left do not represent the core of this nation and they never will. I sense that the present political climate was what had to happen in order to get moderates to finally stand up and say "ENOUGH already." It will be moderate leadership that gets our country back on track and in hindsight many will look back at these days with the same clouds that existed during the Carter regime. I heard President Obama tell the French and German audiences that the US is in the worst economic crisis since the 1930's. This is another of the misconceptions this administration loves to pitch and the media usually backs it up. The worst and steepest recession in our history was 1980-1982 when unemployment reached over 10.5%. As this is a fact it is something that this administration knows nothing of. They only profit from misinformation and if anyone brings up something as inconsequential as facts they are immediately dismissed. Facts are soon to become annoyances in this Adminstrations race to change our entire foundation of free markets, entreprenurial spirit and personal accountability.

The simple difference is that the vast majority of our nation believes that the individual is capable of making their own decisions. Government is to serve the people (the individual). A minority of the population believes that Government should make the decisions for the individual and thus the government knows better than the individual. Sadly this minority has been making the most noise and has gotten a power grab that allows for this small minority to speak for everyone. This happened because the moderate majority sat idly by and let the squeaky wheel get the grease. Now we are all going to pay a price for allowing both lunatic fringes to control power over the last 20 years. I clearly state that both parties (Republicans and Democrats) are totally accountable for the mess that has been created and the necessary change is a move to the middle not the another move to a radical fringe. In less than 90 days our government has moved futher to the left than Sweden! Many of the socialist governments in Europe are now seen as more conservative then us, this is seen in the fact that many of those European nations don't want any part of the Obama administrations platform of change. Be honest, how many of you ever thought you would find the day you would say the US is more left then Europe?

In order to placate Europe, President Obama decided that he would give them control over our business markets. This panel of regulators in Europe are now going to make the regulatory decisions that will decide how business is run in OUR capitalistic society. How do you think that is going to work out?

So it is time that the moderate majority speak up and rally the troops. It is now mandatory that you vote and that you preach TERM LIMITS, the moderates cannot let organizations like ACORN over take them. Elect moderates, refuse to vote for incumbents if they don't support TERM LIMITS. Get involved as it is a crucial time in our history and your voice needs to be heard. Of course do so in a logical, intellectual manner and make the leaders realize the yspeak for you and me, not for their own best interests. In closing I will mention how incredibly hypocritical we have become, imagine a group on ANTI-WAR protesters waging war on the police with rocks and bottles! How meaningful is that? Do as I say, not as I do.