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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Magic Silver Bullet Syndrome

Great wealth for little or no effort, free money, quick returns, overnight success, zero risk, risk free, GUARANTEED! This is the rhetoric of the magic silver bullet syndrome. The one consistent behavior trait that supersedes even cynicism and skepticism is the belief that one can get rich quick. This has long been the implied promise in all scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics.

When you grasp a very simple concept you can let go of this tragically destructive belief pattern. In fact the ability to be inoculated and insulated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics is built upon a foundation of behavioral change. The ability to change any behavior pattern relies on the foundational change of a belief. Many times beliefs become deeply ingrained and as such are sub-conscious triggers which we are unaware of. When these triggers are launched the results are a pre-ordained decision-making process which has been built upon the underlying beliefs about any pertinent information.

The simple truth is if you believe the sky is black then you will make all your decisions based upon this information, regardless of the fact that the sky is blue. You ultimately see what you believe and therefore the sky is black and no amount of evidence will shake this ingrained belief.  The old adage goes I’ll believe it when I see it, but the truth is I’ll see it when I believe it. Now, of course this is a very extreme example but it highlights how the sub-conscious process works.

Beliefs about money are just as extreme, every individual has developed certain beliefs about money and all their financial decisions are made based upon their beliefs. If you have been ordained to believe that “money is the root of all evil” and to be wealthy would be destructive then you are repelling money on a daily basis and all you decisions are made with this simple belief driving your sub-conscious mechanisms.

With this awareness you can now understand the common urge to find quick money and find shortcuts to success. On a conscious basis the vast majority of individuals want to believe that there is a magic silver bullet that will take care of all your needs and get you out of any difficulties. It is simply a natural mindset to feel comfortable with the chance to win the lottery and have all the problems melt away. Of course the statistical probability of winning the lottery is just a tad above zero, but the chance is the addiction. We are addicted to chance. We want to believe and we want to win with no sacrifice, no risk and want a guarantee that if we fail we came be made whole immediately.

The reality is there is no winning without work, there is no success without sacrifice and there are no guarantees in life. One of the greatest tools in a scam artist’s tool bag is the impression that there are guarantees and there are risk free opportunities to become immensely rich and have everything you ever dreamed of. This fantasy is portrayed time and again in every commercial venture you are exposed to. It is played out emotionally in scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics though.  

So what is the simple answer to this tragically destructive belief? Here it is:

There is no such thing as a magic silver bullet!

The magic silver bullet in any deal, opportunity, marketing proposals etc… doesn’t exist.

Debating interplanetary aliens, Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and the many other real or unreal is good for scientific and intellectual debate none of these beliefs directly endanger your financial future. (Unless of course the scam or fraud is driven around a space trip or a big foot excursion).

The existence of a magic silver bullet keeps scams and fraud alive and well. When you give up this one belief and accept that success is possible through a structured work ethic, great financial results can be had through the use of solid due diligence, intelligent use of time, capital, and rate of return you can eradicate the magic silver bullet myth. That financial success can be had through the oversight of risk profiles and how risk relates to return and how growth expands when risk, return and chance are properly executed. When you remove the magic silver bullet you can think logically and rationally. You can attach your emotional connections to the elements of your life that require strong emotional support. Money is simply a concept it is not a living breathing organism and it does not have any emotional value. Unfortunately most people have attached an emotional value to money and it is this emotionally driven impact that gets in the way of making smart decisions about money. Money can be an ally or a great misery. The choice is up to the individual.

Repeat after me: “There is no magic silver bullet”


Karl Schilling

The Advocacy Network

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Power of Advocacy

One that supports or promotes the interests of another is how Merriam-Webster defines the word advocate. In comparison an Advisor or Adviser is defined as an expert who gives advice. That definition should add that usually the advice from an advisor has a price attached to it.

Can you fully trust an advisor, agent, representative, consultant or any of the other many designations worn by sales people? The sales professional is a very important fabric of the capitalistic free market environment. Sadly, the vast majority of the sales industry is populated with more amateurs then professionals. The self-directed sales amateur is a perpetrator who preys on investors and consumers alike. This is the legal level of scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics.

How can you be assured that your best interests are the only concern within any transaction? Great question and the answer is having an advocate who can keep all the others honest. An advocate is a watchdog who shields your best interests in all investment and consumer based decisions.

Identifying the internal bias and conflicts of interests is not a simple process. The most prevalent obstacle to making smart decisions about money is the lack of transparency provided throughout a sales process. It is almost as if major entities go out of their way to ensure a lack of disclosure and clear transparency. This is a major mistake as it defines and creates a lose/lose scenario.

A smart decision about money comes from a consistent process which is driven by due diligence. At the Advocacy Network we define due diligence as full disclosure, complete compliance and clear transparency. Any quality financial product, investment vehicle or offer should easily pass due diligence.

So, what exactly is the problem? The major problem is that people do not have the time or the desire to complete a proper due diligence process. We are creatures of habit and we also want to trust people. The desire to trust others is simply human nature. This becomes an issue when we become lazy and allow others to use persuasive techniques to get us to alter or short-circuit a consistent decision making process.

When you have a decision making process you are shielding yourself from poor decisions. An Advocate becomes your coach in the development and initiation of a process to make smart decisions about money. The advocate is not commission or fee driven. The benefit of a commission or success based fee structure creates an unconscious bias which consistently enters into any negotiation or sales process. This is an on-going conflict of interest as the sales person’s best interest is a buying decision. The sales person gets nothing of value in a non-buying decision.

When there is an established need fulfilled by a competent solution then both parties win and value has been successfully exchanged.  This would be the best result of any sales process. An advocate simply assures that the client/member is always on the winning side of any financial decision. The advocate successfully inoculates and insulates the client/member from scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. (We are not an instead of the sales professionals, we are an addition to, geared to keep the sales professionals honest)

How do you know the advocate is trustworthy? The advocate is always trustworthy because there is no ulterior motive in the advocate’s role and responsibility. When a member pays an annual membership fee for services they are fully vested with the advocacy outreach. None of the services provided by the Advocacy Network are dependent upon success fees, commissions or advertising fees. This assures the membership that their best interests are our only concern. All of our Alliance partners are fully vetted and pass the most strict standard of due diligence.

To be fully inoculated and insulated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics an advocate is the only answer. When you become part of the Advocacy Network you receive all the necessary tools and information to make smart decisions about money. We provide full preventative services along with timely information about investment opportunities and the best solutions within the financial products market place.

Call today to speak with us about how an advocate can fully inoculate and insulate you against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics.

Karl Schilling

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Skype: karl.schilling5

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wall Street Returns to Property CDOS In Yield Hunt

Wall Street Returns to Property CDOS In Yield Hunt  Here we go again, of course there are no regulators on this, only on small business owners trying desperately to make a living while banks who are too big to fail get to play russian roulette with investors money.