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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Liberty or Death

"We are a nation that has a government, not a government that has a nation." Those words were spoken by President Reagan back in the 80's. It might has well been the 1880's as we have slowly eroded into a government that is controlling the people and not a government that was meant to serve at the will of its citizens. Just look around you, there are mayors who are dictating what you can eat and drink, because they know better then you on how to care for yourself.

When I can't buy the size BIG Gulp I want then we have gone off the deep end. I personally do not want the government to tell me what to eat, what to wear or how to earn a living. Now the government is going to dictate where and when I get medical care. For those who continue to believe that the motivation to take the least expensive way won't win out, unfortunately are delusional.

Lets look at the realities and how they play out. Take the corporate world first, those who received free passes (exemptions) from Obama will most likely continue to carry health insurance for their employees. The others will do a very simple cost benefit and determine that there is a HUGE savings in not providing benefits and paying a penalty. This is simple math, say it costs 5k per year to provide health benefits and $700 in penalties. As a CEO, CFO or business owner I am ALWAYS going to seek an improved bottom line, this is a business principle. A business exists to make a profit, even non-profit organizations seek ways to improve their expense levels. The bottom line is what shareholders and small business owners are focused on. Obamacare makes an easy decision to the bottom line, money can be saved by cutting benefits and allowing the government to take over the bill for employees health care, that is short and simple. ALl the debate over so-called competition for employees, potential tax laws on penalties, these are all bogus debates. The reality is a major corporation or a small business will make the same decision to improve the bottom line whenever and wherever possible. Any first year business major realizes this, unfortunately we created too many liberal arts majors who graduated college and decided that entreprenurialism and capitalism was a blight on our society. When the lights go out and there is nothing to eat I want to see how Socratic philosophy (PS recently in Greece a group a world wide academics actually spent several days to have a world trial for Socrates and give him a pardon. I'm sure he is happy about that) puts food on the table.

Since Obamacare passed 24 Health Insurers have gone out of business taking with them 10's of thousands of jobs and quite a bit of financial strength as well. This is only the beginning as when the smoke clears the objective is to have a single payer system and only a handful of insurance companies who will be in bed with the government. See how that works out. Forget about competition, health insurance will in essence become a government run monopoly. This won't benefit Physcians, Hospitals or our citizens. No competition equals fixed rates and government subsidies which will begin to set standards of care distribution as well. It will slowly become a triage system and depend on government managed health care. This will determine exactly how you live; don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat foods that might cause you to become obese as determined by the government. How you feed your family, what foods you should buy, what quantities you can consume all will be determined in a packaged government plan. You don't think this can happen do you? Well those who believe that wealth can be distributed and so called equality can be legislated will ultimately see to it that this is the form of government we end up with. I don't believe for a moment that these people want this to be the end game, unfortunately the law of unintended consequences will see this end occur. It is time to wake up and drop party affliations and get away from the left and the right, it is time to stand up for a simple concept that the founding fathers fought for and gifted to us, that simple concept was personal liberty. It doesn't need a political party, but if we were looking for a party affiliation we whould start the party of common sense. Don't sit back and allow the law of unintended consequences destroy our personal liberties, stand up be counted and make America stay on track. Forget the movement towards European soft socialism, and realize that there is never an easy solution and certainly no solutions which create wealth distribution and legislated equality, these systems always end in the same manner. The free enterprise system is the greatest vehicle ever produced for prosperity and each individual has the full and equal opportunity to grow within that system. There are no shortcuts and certainly no government can provide the prosperity that comes with the greatness of the human effort.