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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Psychological Triggers and Investing Behaviors

Human insight is a valuable asset. It is available to all of us, yet very few of us have taken any time to acknowledge the rules of human interests. The most telling rule which basically conditions all others is the absolute fact that people are predominantly self-interested. The bare unadulterated truth is you, just as we all are exist in a world that is generated and perpetrated based upon your own self-interest.

As an investor your behavior is no different, you are driven by your own self-interest. Regardless of what any financial professional, sales professional or professional advisor places in front of you, the underlying motivation is your own self-interest. This very telling aspect of human behavior is one of the psychological triggers that a con-professional will use against you.

 The entire identity of becoming a victim starts with this first rule of human nature. Sadly, as it is universal it makes no difference whether you believe it to be true or not. The telling process is subordinated in your sub-concious and is very easily triggered by any person who has knowledge and experience in using the triggers. Now these very triggers can be used for good or evil and in the essence of the scam, fraud or predatory sales tactic they are used for dishonorable purposes. Seperating a mark from their wealth is never an honorable achievement.

The truth in scams is simply that the victim creates their victimization. This is not a sometimes event it is an ALWAYS event. Therefore all victims can be protected from themselves. In order to be fully insulated and inoculated against scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics you need to know the rules and the psychological triggers. This education will make you fully victim proof.