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Friday, July 6, 2012

Voter Reality

I often wonder how many registered or for that matter unregistered voters actually have any clue as to what the issues are. It would seem that the vast majority of those who cast a vote do so for popularity or even worse because of what someone else told them. The entire democracy is based upon an expansive game of "telephone." The Politicians get on the tube and say the same things over and over hoping that people will simply believe what is said.

When the media is added to this then the massive population gets the information that fits the story and not the facts as most have come to expect. The media has long gone south on reporting facts, they now have political capital and invested interests to promote. Therefore the voting public is even further from the truth then ever before.

There are no easy answers and the political groups will continue to pander to persuading the majority of simpletons. That is not an indictment of people's intellegence it is a simple fact of life. The reason that scams and frauds are perpetrated on a daily baisis is largely due to people's inability to perform any fact checking at all. The average US citizen will believe anything they hear multiple times and certainly will accept any smooth discourse from respected intellegent authorities.

The reality is that if you read 10 books on any given subject you can pass for an authority on the subject. If you possess an attractive personality you can further envelope large portions of the population into your pitch. The average citizen finds it easier to believe the rhetoric then to do the homework. Pass a rumor around the internet and you have a major news story in the making. If the President gets on the networks and airwaves he starts to promote a way of life. It is no coincendence that the Obama administration has been on the airwaves more than the last 4 Presidencies combined. He and his group is well aware that there is no such thing as over exposure. The methodology has included mass exposure and the overall American population is happy to accept whatever they hear without any fact checking at all. Remember that the reality that has been passed on for eons is that the masses are always willing to accept a big lie. The more repititive the story the more willing the public is to accept it. We have been being told a BIG LIE for the last 4 years and the public is willingly moving towards herd mentality and acceptance of the lie.