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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tax, Spend, Regulate and Borrow, VICTORY!

Thankfully the Supreme Court debate pulled back the curtain and gave Americans a full transparency on Obamacare. This bill was never intended to be fully transparent and was passed by selling a bait and switch to the American public. Of course the 2010 election cycle proved that the American Public wasn't to happen to begin with, now that antagonism can be re-kindled as we finally learn that the mandate is a TAX. So as is ususal for this aministration the formula is tax, spend, regulate and borrow, that mantra is a high octane recipe for bankruptcy ala Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

The Supreme Court decision is the best rsult possible for the American public. Those who haven't read the bill ( 99+% of the US public) never knew that the IRS was being expanded to become the collector of the so-called mandate penalty. This is in the bill already, it just wasn't being fully disclosed by the legislators who crafted this albatross to the US economy. The US public was consistently promised by Obama and the Dems in Congress that this was not a tax driven issue. It took the Supreme Court debate where the government argued that it was a tax (this is the same people who promised it wasn't a tax) to bring full transparency to the matter. Now we know without any debate or flim-flam that the mandate is a tax and will be policed by the IRS. Therefore, you will now have the IRS with greater intrusion into your finances. Now whether or not you have health care will be dictated by penalties from the IRS. More intrusion from the ever growing and expanding government. We now have another super charged entitlement program which America has absolutely no ability to pay for. What a Victory!