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Saturday, December 26, 2009


"Business as usual" Of course Pres Obama ran on a platform that was going to put an end to this philosophy. I remember the platform of full disclosure, clear transparency and other rhetoris. Now we see that the Obama adminstation not only mislead the America voter, they intended to become the MOST corrupt administration we have ever had in office. The buying of votes for the totally dysfunctional Heath care" or Health Insurance" reform bill proves that this is well beyond business as usual. Now there are states that have been finanically protected buy the Federal government and states that will need to pay the bills for the favored states. Let's put aside that this obviously cuts across party lines so in essence it is a form of political blackmail, what really happens here is that this administrtaion has begun a count-down to re-igniting a civil war! How many states are going to sit back and pay medicare, and health bills for other states who cut sweetheart deals to vote for a dysfunctional act to begin with? Forget about battles in court over constitutionality, get ready for a tea-party unlike anything seen before. WIll you really sit back and fork over hard earned dollars so States that were bribed for votes can stay fiscally sound. This not only stinks it is rotten to the core. And you thought that Red vs Blue was the next danger?
Talk about hypocrisy, let's look at the compensation Czar. This week, GM, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac all had their CEO's pay approved. The lowest in this group was $6 million dollars. Coincindentally all these companies are Government controlled, the same Government who has ripped private enterprise and the so-called abusive salaries of those in management. Of course the excuse was these companies failed and still got big salaries, forgive me but it seems that GM, and the Fannies failed and potentially their failures led to the so-called failure on Wall Street, they at least contributed largely to the failure. Yet it is perfectly sound for these companies CEO's to have the so-called abusive salaries. This is not the only hypocrisy coming out of Washington. The FAA's recent confernce spending abuse proves that they are differnet from AIG having the sales and marketing conferences. More retoric and spin, we certainly deserve better than this.
Wake up and realize that BOTH parties have just made a huge money grab from you the American taxpayer by using several smoke-screens. Health care and Cap and trade are both red herrings. The health Bill is the first pay now and get benefits much later piece of legislature ever proposed and passed. You will never see an ounce of benefit from this legislature, nor was there ever any intention of you getting any benefit. This is simply a way of getting you pay for the decades of excess that has finally come due. The Federal government must make you believe that you are paying for a major benefit and the fact that this benefit doesn't begin for 6yrs or more is simply a small inconvenience. Imagine buying a house, car or any other useful commodity and making 6 yrs of payments before you can move in, drive away or use the product? Would you do this? Well both parties have just pulled the woll over your eyes and they have made you believe that this wasn't done bi-partisanly! It is a bi-partisian decision. In fact it is the very type of decision that should make you fired up come election time, this entire Congress and Senate need to be shown the door! We need leaders who welcome, TERM LIMITS, TORT REFORM and a strong ANTI-CORRUPTION act. From here on any politician caught taking bribes both public and private should be shown the insides of a Federal prison for a Long-Long time. Lets clean up the political system, and stop relying on the lies that are constantly perpetrated by smoot talk and no action. Let the Obama administration be the best thing that ever happened as it can be the bell ringer that opened everyone's eyes to the LIES, CHEATS and THIEFS that consistently gain the Americans vote. Just say NO to all incumbents and send fresh blood to our leadership.