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Monday, August 17, 2009

Scams, Fraud and Sales Predators

Scams, Fraud and Sales Predators

“Fighting back, the customers researched the company and learned its president, Michael F. Cummings, also operated a fence company under the name Safeguard Fence Inc. The Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida gives Safeguard Fence an "F" grade for complaints.
But customers said they didn't learn about that history until after they made payments to First Coast Fencing, which was started in January. By July, the business had shut down, leaving customers who paid deposits with nothing to show for their investment - "not even a toothpick," as one woman put it.”

The above mentioned is the typical difficulty with avoiding scams, fraud and financial predators. Most people have relied upon the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General’s office, Federal Trade commission and other agencies and organizations to help them avoid a scam or fraud. Unfortunately ALL of these agencies get the complaints after the scam has been perpetrated. This is comparable to locking the barn after the horse is gone!
The reason I began the Advocacy Network was to proactively stop members from becoming victimized in a scams and fraud. Our members don’t find out after the fact they find out before they write a check. (Complaints are post buying decision, you have already LOST) Advocacy insulates and inoculates you against these losses.
Let’s take the Better Business as an example. This is a wonderful organization and certainly credible businesses are members. The sad fact is that complaints are only filed after someone has lost money or been the victim of fraud or a scam. The typical result is that you are approached for some offer and before you make a buying decision you do the prudent thing and check out the BBB, state Attorney General’s office, Federal Trade commission etc… when there are no complaints you figure it is safe to deal with the company, service or product offered to you. Within 30-60 days you find out you were scammed, yet it is too late to recover.
Please understand that fraudsters and scammers create new identities and entities like most of us change underwear. It is what they do, and it is almost impossible to find through normal channels. The foundational principles of due diligence are CLEAR TRANSPARENCY, FULL DISCLOSURE and FULL COMPLIANCE. At Advocacy we complete proper due diligence for our members before our members make a buying or investing decision. To date we have recovered and saved our members over $750,000! Our members don’t suffer the pangs of guilt from making poor decisions about money. Advocacy uniquely stands alone in the protection we provide. One could say we provide insurance against scams and fraud. I can make you one guarantee, as a member of Advocacy you will NEVER become a victim of scams, fraud or predator sales techniques.
Become a member today! Membership is pennies a day for a priceless protection. For $19.95 per month you will totally insulate and inoculate yourself against scams, fraud and sales predators.

Karl Schilling
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