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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Is Your Prosperity Consciousness?

Prosperity is a mindset which is commonly referred to as abundance thinking. The vast majority of financially successful people see the world differently from those who lack. The worldview of successful people is one of abundance, a state of mind that has been trained to expect, acknowledge and see prosperity and opportunities everywhere they look.

The polar opposite of this mindset is a scarcity consciousness. In this mindset people expect and acknowledge lack and limitations and they view everything in these terms. It is simply impossible to achieve financial success with this scarcity driven mindset. I always hesitate to use the word impossible as I believe impossibility is a rare happening, yet unfortunately when it comes to scarcity driven perceptions success is unattainable and therefore impossible.

Abundant driven people see opportunity in every event in their lives, they also are willing to share and give back as they know that this cycle will remain unbroken due to the belief in abundance. The world is filled with new and wonderful opportunities which will continue to multiply and be available for those who actively seek out opportunity.

Having a high prosperity quotient isn’t a naturally occurring event; it is a learned and acquired mindset. As with any learning process it requires work and practice.  Changing a scarcity driven belief system is hard work. It can be accomplished though if you will identify and admit that you suffer from a scarcity consciousness.

The foundational key to all financial victimization is a scarcity consciousness. Those with an abundantly driven consciousness do not fall victim to greed. The shortfall of greed exists only in a scarcity driven mindset. Scarcity always sees lack and limitation and therefore a desire to get as much as possible as soon as possible because there might not be anything available in the future. This can end no other way than with greed permeating one’s desires.

The prosperity consciousness is the elixir to greed. It allows one to feel comfortable within the knowledge that the world has an abundance of opportunity and material goods. There is no lack of financial gain nor is there a lack of personal achievement. The world isn’t based upon zero sum exercises which end with only one winner and the rest losers. This type of competitive belief system is scarcity driven and leads to the very lack and limitation that one believes in. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you have imprinted the belief that everything is a competition which has one winner and one loser then you are on the low range of a prosperity consciousness benchmark. Creation far exceeds competition as it is extremely easy and beneficial to tap into the abundance that exists as opposed to hanging on to the scarcity that is self-generated.

Developing a prosperity consciousness is available for everyone and the first step is to identify where you are on the prosperity consciousness scale. How do you see the world around you? Do you find yourself driven by competition and greed? If this is your reality then you are somewhere in the 1-3 range on a scale of 1-10. If you are sales professional check yourself and see how you view your sales environment. Is rejection a negative force in your sales process? Do you find yourself feeling there are a lack of prospects and a lack of money to go around? Have you ever been jealous or envious of another sales leader in your office? Have you ever told yourself that the successful producers are luckier then you because they know the right people or have the right contacts. Have you ever fought over a sales lead? If any of these circumstances are your reality then you are a scarcity driven person and you need to make the necessary adjustments to become an abundantly driven person. Once you make this change you will be heading to the top of the sales charts and you will never need to look back.

Lastly, if you choose to become a dominant prosperity driven person you will be able to give back to those around you. You will be well positioned to inoculate and insulate potential victims of scams, fraud and predatory sales tactics. You will be able to serve as an advocate for those you choose to serve as opposed to one who needs to manipulate others into poor financial decisions. Do you want clients or victims?