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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Risk Free is a Myth

The greatest myth ever perpetrated on a society is the concept of risk free. There is nothing that is totally free of risk. Daily living is a risk. Every event in your life contains some element of risk. When you eat a meal you take a risk that the food is cooked properly and is bacteria free. You also take on the risk that you will chew the food and successfully swallow it. You take a risk when you get on public transportation, get in your car or cross the street. It goes on and on as there are an infinite amount of examples about your life and risk.
For our purposes though we are strictly focused on financial or investment risk. How many offers do you receive daily that suggest they have a risk free opportunity for you? Some of these are not even sensible let alone reasonable. Why waste your greatest asset which is time even considering these ridiculous offers? The vast majority of scams are predicated upon the basis of being without risk. They offer incredible return for ZERO risk. Please, take a moment and consider how impossible this is. If you could get 800% return on your money in 5 days, why would the promoters need any more money? Why would they seek your capital? One investor at 800% every 5 days would be more than sufficient to provide a continuous stream of capital for ongoing trading. Why would any investor withdraw 100% of their capital when they can simply keep rolling over the gains each time and continue to make 800% with no risk?
Of course we all know the answers to these questions and yet everyday there are more victims created by the allure of risk free opportunities to double, triple, quadruple or even make 10x their investment.
All industries have created some form of the myth, the financial services industry has multiple versions of this myth all of which end up with you chasing your money.
At least degenerate gamblers find a bottom. Scam victims or marks as they are called never seem to find a bottom; they just continue to chase their money with one bad decision after another. We have all experienced a loss of money, yet the most important step is what happens next. If you become a chaser then you are doomed to continued failure and ultimate destitution. If you step back and identify what happened and how it happened you are on the road to recovery. Just as gains cannot be found overnight, losses can’t be recovered overnight.
Patience and discipline is the key to financial success. The discipline aspect includes the sensibility to review, research and complete due diligence before making a decision. The wisdom to have a third party non-biased set of eyes on any monetary or financial decisions is also priceless. A third party advocate can review your opportunities with no personal bias and also see the obstacles that most individuals will conveniently over look. The sub-conscious is an amazing power. If you ignore your intuitions you will become an easy prey those who are seeking victims.
Why is risk free impossible? There are many reasons, time however allows for us to cover only one. The concept of scarcity has long been fundamental to financial markets. If something is scarce it increases in value as the demand continues to chase a perceived scarcity. Risk is a component of scarcity. Without risk how could the value of scarcity increase? Over time the truth of risk has become a greater value is associated with the greater risk. When you are willing to take on greater risk you are entitled to greater rewards. If everyone could simply walk in risk free then the market cannot grow in value, it will become flat. For this reason the proffer of risk free doesn’t equate with the market place. If you decide to lend money to an associate who has little or no collateral then you have a greater risk that that associate will default on the loan and you will receive zero value in return. For this risk you are entitled to a greatly increased return on investment or ROI. The fact is that the other party has zero hard asset value to offer in return, and therefore the risk is measured upon the ability to return the capital you have laid out. This elementary concept is the foundation of all risk profiling. Anyone who tries to sell an exceptional return with zero risk is just a fool or a con man. Either one is equally dangerous for your financial future.
A simple investment rule that can help you avoid losses is don’t invest in fairy tales and myths. Risk free is a myth.
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