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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Myths, Lies and Damn Lies

The advent of social media has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. The double edged sword of vast amounts of information freely flowing 24/7/365 is filled with myths, lies and damn lies.

The perpetration of scams, fraud and predatory sales manipulation is easier than ever before. Instant credibility is created through well-meaning organizations and operations. Unfortunately these entities survive on advertising dollars and therefore take a position of enabler. When an organization thrives through advertising money they have a mandate to look the other way. They have no responsibility to provide any due diligence or do even nominal research on anyone who is willing to pay dollars to advertise. Of course there could be the perception of a moral and ethical responsibility to protect the investors, consumers and public from bad advice, mis-information and flat out lies, yet the reliance is on the archaic advertising laws.

An incredible amount of the investor and consumer public live under the false impression that “everything on the internet is true; it must be because it’s on the internet.” This lie has been promulgated by the major social network operations which I won’t bother to name because you know who they are.

One such business based social network organization has myriads of groups which are started under the guise of a source of information and education. Conceptually this would be akin to Napoleon Hill’s master-mind group concept. Sadly, these groups rapidly descend to spam, scams and other manipulative sales motivations. A master mind group is formed to share insight, wisdom, and experience and through such to generate greater impact then the individual could accomplish alone.

Napoleon Hill would be rolling in his grave if he could witness what many social media groups have turned his precious concept into. The many groups are passed off as Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Investment groups, and many other business specialties well too many to list. In all of these groups the moderators (when there is a moderator) cherry pick based upon their own conflicts of interest. Rarely is there a truly educational and informational group in the mix. The most damaging issue of all is that these groups become fertile ground for scams and frauds to be perpetrated. Now, scammers and fraudsters don’t even need to invest in the promotion of their dark intentions, as they can simply slip into any social media portal and prey upon the 100’s of thousands of available potential victims.

This all can be controlled and easily avoided through the process of having a 3rd party advocate. An advocate is only concerned with the best interest of their client. There are no conflicts of interest, internal biases or ulterior motives. The advocate exists to inoculate and insulate the client. Total inoculation and insulation is developed through education, media sourcing such as webinars, tele-conferences and virtual web based activities.

The Advocacy Network is your master-mind group formed to enhance your ability to make smart decisions about money.

Over the coming weeks I will be producing blog spots that will identify common myths, lies and dam lies in the financial market place. Believe me when I tell you there are too many to list and I could produce pieces for the next several years and not cover even a quarter of the scams, frauds and sales manipulations in the financial markets. As an investor, consumer or business you need to be aware of the potential abyss vying for your dollars on a daily basis. I look forward to serving you in your quest to make smart decisions about money.


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