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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"I am the Happy Panderer"

Years ago while in grammar school we were taught the song "I am a Happy Wanderer" and it is most fitting that the Obama administration is the "Happy Panderer". Daily the talk is how partisan politics are the villain and yet the Obama administration professionalizes partisanship. Sort of combination of the playground bully blended with the kid who takes his ball home if he doesn't get his way. Is Congress a problem you bet they are! Is this President a leader? You bet he's not. In the last two weeks at every stop in his campaign (I know it’s not a campaign, it only looks like, walks like and smells like one) he came giving gifts. First he visited with the Veterans Administration and handed out 128M worth of tax incentives to hire Vets. Nice in theory but we all know this was simply an attempt to buy a voting bloc. This week he goes into Iowa and announces increase on small business loans for rural businesses. Mo money and more attempts to buy votes.

What we need is some real leadership and not political pandering. The greatest panderer of all accuses the other side of playing politics and somehow there are people who listen to this rhetoric and can't seem to see the hypocrisy in it. Sadly America has lost its high road, it has lost its identity and a great deal of its value. This has happened due to poor leadership in Congress, in the White House and at the grass roots of America. It is time for common sense and a commitment to excellence. We must stop throwing money at problems such as Education, and public welfare programs. We must get back to productivity and incentivize for excellence! We must raise standards and make people accountable to the desire for achievement. We must stop letting the panderers buy our votes. Stop taking the easy handout, as it is never free and most of the time it is the most costly road to disaster. Take back the pride in being an American, hold the government to standards of excellence and stop letting these weak willed individuals protect their wallets and power. Make these leaders lead, make them be accountable to their constituencies and lead America back into greatness, stop letting them BUY their way out of responsibility and accountability for their actions.

In short be Americans and just say no to the Panderers of this world. We are too good for this.