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Monday, March 30, 2009

Smart Grid! Another Great Idea

You just can make this stuff up. This adminstration would give Spanky and Alfalfa a real run for their money, in fact in many ways the He man woman haters club was better run than this adminstration. Please know that over 25 slots (so called important positions) are yet to be filled in the US treasury. While Mr. Geitner throws aimless ideas around he can't seem to get the recruiting side of this position down. But lets digress and look at some other mistakes getting ready to be made by this magnificent group of minds.
"Electrical 'Smart Grid' Not Yet Smart Enough to Block Hackers"

"President Obama's plans to accelerate the development of an electrical "smart grid" could leave the nation's power supply dangerously vulnerable to attacks by computer hackers, security analysts are warning.
The "smart grid" is projected to be a nationwide system of automated meters and advanced sensors that integrates new alternative-energy sources with traditional power plants.
Once online, utilities will be able to adjust their rates to the immediate supply and demand for power, and customers will be able to choose to operate their appliances during the hours when consumption — and prices — are at their lowest."

Can you imagine opening up our power grids for anyone to control? Now we can no longer refer to terrorists as terrorists,(The phrase "global war on terror" is finished, at least as far as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is concerned. The top U.S. diplomat told reporters Tuesday that the Obama administration has quit using that line to describe the effort to fight terrorism around the world. "The administration has stopped using the phrase and I think that speaks for itself," Clinton said.) just as we no longer refer to liabilities or debts as liabilities they are now "Toxic assets". So, seeing that terrorists are not really terrorists, we can now simply allow them access to our power grids. Imagine a system where a 10 yr cyber geek could shut down a major metropilitan area's power grid? This administration doesn't think that might be a problem with the non so called terrorist groups. It will however potentially save some money. I am not usually amazed at the incredible ineptness that passes for leadership and most of it becomes laughable, yet this one has some really serious ramifications as it directly affects our safety. It is one thing to tax me into the ground and basically determine my financial future, it is quite another to endanger my life with an immature and incredibly short-sighted security mindset. We are not only living in dangerous times we are directly placed in danger by POOR leadership. This can not be over looked or giggled away. The economy is a demanding issue, personal safety and welfare is an American right. Everyone has to take some responsibility in holding the leadership of this country fully accountable for our security and protection from terrorists and the harm they seek to do us. One can not simply ignore this or act like it doens't exist.

You have to ask yourself one compelling question: Are you safer now then you were a year ago? Thius is not a political question, it is a simple leadership demand. Our safety and well being should be the #1 issue as a nation.